Effective Ways How To Get Rid Of Back Fat

What Is Fat?

“Don’t starve, don’t bling. Eat right, exercise, and you will get there.”

Fat has been a major cause of stress for every individual these days. I was also one of those people who had back fat which was very stressful for me. However, I tried some exercises and diets to get rid of back fat and you won’t believe but I lost back fat. Now it’s my responsibility to enlighten you with the tips and tricks to get rid of this problem.

What causes back fat?

get rid of back fat

To get rid of back fat first you must know the cause of it. Back fat can be the reason for your increased shirt size. The reason behind fat could be medical conditions, genetics or due to the excess use of medicines. Other reasons could be excess eating irregular sleeping or laziness. The most common reason of back fat is lack of physical activities.

Types of back fats

  • Upper
  • Lower

How to get rid of back fat

There are 4 types of exercises I have mentioned below which will help you to get rid of back fat.

  1. Woodchopper exercise

exercise to get rid of back fat

This exercise includes 20 reps each side. Don’t know how to do? Okay, first of all, you will need a weight which you have to hold in your hand while your legs open. After opening legs, you have to move your hand in a chopper motion but you have to do 20 reps on each leg and hand keep that in mind.

  1. 50 Russian twists

For this, you need a yoga mat. Next, you have to sit down on with your torso at 45 degrees with your legs straight. Pick up the dumbbell with both hands and put it close to your stomach. Slowly move the dumbbell to your left side while twisting your torso to the right. Repeat this for a while for like 15 reps each side.

  1. Hip Lift

hip lift

Lay down on your side with your elbow on the floor. Now slowly lift your hips out and above do this 15 times on each side.

  1. Bicycle crunches

This is a quick fat burning exercise for this you have to lay down your back with your hand on the back of your head. Now lift your legs and move them as if you’re cycling. This will burn fats of your back as well as your love handles.

These exercises for 10 days just by doing for 10mins can help you get rid of back fat

Love handles

Love handles are the excess fat in the waistline and due to the fattening of these love handles one can be very uncomfortable.

How to lose love handles diet

Following are some of the info about what is the perfect diet to lose love handles.

Oats serial

Oats are made up of grains which are rich in fiber nutrients and low in fats. Oatmeal consumption can full your stomach but the number of fats in it is low which will cause fats to burn.

Shredded Wheat

It has been declared the best commercial cereals for weight loss especially for love handles as it has the low amount of sugar and high amount of probiotics.

Black rice

Black rice is also called forbidden rice as it is the cheapest source of anti-oxidants around. Antioxidants help to fight bad bacteria moreover it also reduces the chance of cancer and heart attack. It is also a good source of Vitamin E.

White tea

This drink is called magical drink as it helps lose 2 kg of fat in a month. Furthermore, in a research, it is found that it is also a good source of antioxidants. Lose 4 inches in just 7 days with this powerful brew.

Black beans

Black beans are called the zero size belly food as it helps to lose so much of belly fats and yes the love handles too. A research showed that these black beans have some kind of property which helps lessen the accumulation of fats in the body. These black beans help to burn fat as fuel.

Corn Tortillas

One corn tortilla provides just 1 grams of fat eating 2 tortillas whole day will keep your tummy full and body healthy. Corn is also good for health as it provides other healthy nutrients too.


Raspberry is known to be the best source of insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. It also controls you’re hungry because it contains the high amount of ghrelin.

Dark chocolate

A study on laboratory mice showed that eating dark chocolate prevented to gain weight and also lowered the blood sugar level of mice. Moreover, it also showed that the chocolate helps to increase the blood circulation in a body which is very good for health.

To increase its health effects try to combine it with some apples or other healthy fruits.

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs help to lose weight too as it is a good source of proteins but low in fats. Eating egg white only is more beneficial.







Dry almonds are not just fat busters but also have many other health benefits. The good thing about them is that you can carry them anywhere and have them anytime. Take at least 50-60 almonds daily.

Minestrone Soup

Full of veggies but low in sugar yes, this minestrone is very helpful to lose weight quick.

Best machines for love handles


tread mill

The treadmill can burn about 1200-1500 calories per hour. This machine is a bit expensive but I think the magic it does worth’s the price. Burning up to 1500 calories is the max of cardio machines.

2. Cycling Machine

Cycling machines are not only for fat loss but also helps to increase our stamina. There are also modes for cycling according to the person using it.

3.Rowing Machine

These machines are harder to find also they are very expensive too but they are best for fat loss. Rowing machine engages every body part. If you want to lose weight quick you should go for this machine.

I hope that this article would be helpful to you. For any question or query please comment down and let us know. Share your story with us about the journey from fat to thin. Want to Get rid of pimples and blemishes? have look at the article.

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